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What is head and neck cancer?

Head and neck cancer is a general term used by doctors. It describes the diverse group of malignant tumors that can occur in the head and neck region.

Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer

The typical treatment for head and neck cancer is surgery. Some tumors can be removed with minimally invasively procedures. These include laser microsurgery, robotic approaches, and Mohs surgery.

Other times, head and neck cancer operations can be very complex. They require careful preparation and planning. MSK’s surgeons may use specialized techniques to preserve your appearance and key functions, such as speech and swallowing. That’s why head and neck cancer is best treated by doctors who are board certified in head and neck surgery and have extensive experience treating cancer.

Radiation to the head and neck can cure many people with the disease. Radiation oncologists use many highly advanced technologies to treat head and neck cancer.

Among the most effective treatments for head and neck cancer are intensity-modulated radiation therapy and proton therapy. These specialized approaches can help prevent side effects, including those that affect your ability to eat or swallow.